Saturday, June 06, 2009

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract #93

A break is needed again, a good break, a deep break, fair break, complementing break, empty break, breathing break, growing break.

In the clear glass of a dream, I have glimpsed
the Heaven and Hell that lie in wait for us:
when Judgement Day sounds in the last trumpets
and planet and millennium both
disintegrate, and all at once, O Time,
all your ephemeral pyramids cease to be,
the colors and the lines that trace the past
will in the semi-darkness form a face,
a sleeping face, faithful, still, unchangeable
(the face of the loved one, or, perhaps, your own)
and the sheer contemplation of that face --
never-changing, whole, beyond corruption --
will be, for the rejected, an Inferno,
and, for the elected, Paradise.

Jorge Luis Borges, "Of Heaven and Hell".


itzktb said...

Very nice!

runnerfrog said...

Your comment is.

rabbit said...

all i see is shine from diamonds...

aquablog said...

Hello from Russia!!!

Some time ago I try to find a lot of interested information... The Internet is big... I find your blog... I think, - your blog is good!!! I like it!!!

runnerfrog said...

@ Vikram: Well, yes, kind of oneiric cristals, you know: In the clear glass of a dream, I have glimpsed...

@ Aquablog: Russia! The land of Dostoievsky, Pushkin, Gogol and Tolstoi. I'm glad you could find something of interest here.
When I was a child I looked and hoped for a russian language teacher for years; and we're not talking russian right now because I couldn't find it then. I don't think there's any in my town right now either.

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