Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I’m told one clot of blood extravasate
Ends one as certainly as Roland’s sword,—
One drop of lymph suffused proves Oliver’s mace,—
Intruding, either of the pleasant pair,
On the arachnoid tunic of my brain.
That’s Nature’s way of loosing cord!—but Art,
How of Art’s process with the engine here?
When bowl and cord alike are crushed across,
Bored between, bruised through? Why, if Fagon’s self,
The French Court’s pride, that famed practitioner,
Would pass his cold pale lightning of a knife
Pistoja-ware, adroit ’twixt joint and joint,
With just a “See how facile, gentlefolks!”—
The thing were not so bad to bear! Brute force
Cuts as he comes, breaks in, breaks on, breaks out
O’ the hard and soft of you: is that the same?
A lithe snake thrids the hedge, makes throb no leaf:
A heavy ox sets chest to brier and branch,
Bursts somehow through, and leaves one hideous hole
Behind him!

Robert Browning, "The Ring And The Book", Chapter XI.

[EDIT]: The background change suggested in the comment by Dzeni won't work properly unless big changes are done to the Specular and Refractive values of the biomorphs; the white background simply emits much more light than the previous, and there are visible differences between the refractions of both images. Both have different values of "bright", let's say, to be able to look similar in different environments.

[SECOND EDIT]: Dzeni edited the first version to her liking, it's 800x600 but good enough to appreciate the changes. Since the license for all the works here is CC 3.0 nc-sa, then I add her results; therefore, this last version should be credited to her.


Dzeni said...

I really like the central image and would love to see it on a pale / plane background. The red / green bits don't really "work" with that gorgeous pink and gray fabric entity (IMHO).

runnerfrog said...

Thanks for your suggestion. I added another version.

Will Doohan said...

The surface texture reminds me of a snake's skin. Perhaps it is a 4-dimensional snake and we are only seeing part of it?