Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2D Abstracts #101, 102, 103, 104 & 105

Almost a year ago, back in September the 6th 2008, I posted my last 2D "abstract" image, called like that even though all of them are abstracts. Soon after that, someone broke into my house, and among other things, took my computer with all the images; and my immediate decision was not to continue making the 2D anymore, and move exclusively over 3D, which I did.
Now, I'm back again on 2D abstracts for the peace I get by rolling them in a pack of 9, back and forth in a flow that allows me to think; or the peace I get by enjoying the colours and shapes; or the peace I get by simply connecting with my need of recognizing patterns, similarities, maps, signs to follow, vital signs... They are my most simple products, and they determine my most primal process of creation. They're part of it, sometimes even ending up as a background for a 3D creature; so I welcome them back, as unwelcome pariahs. :-)

...And a song, just because; "Gingerbread boy", by Blue Mitchell; play it with this widget:


itzktb said...

Sometimes I find your most simple pieces to be my favorites. I especially love the first one on top. So lovely, C!

runnerfrog said...

Your appreciation helps a lot.