Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract Nº63

How many a budding plant is born to fade!
How many a May bloom wilt with quick decay!
Ofttimes the ruddiest rose holds briefest sway,
While heart and sense are evermore betrayed
Alike in nature's shine and nature's shade.
Vainly earth-tendered seeds have sought the day,
And countless threads of rivulets wind astray,
For one that joins the vast main unembayed.
O prodigal nature, why this spendthrift waste
Of light, strength, beauty given to earth or man?
Thy richest realm may lie in trackless seas,
Thy tenderest loves, perchance, die unembraced;
While faith and reason watch thy wildering plan,
The baffled soul's cloud-compassed Hyades!

Paul Hamilton Hayne, "Waste".

... And a late addition, a funny version of Deb's desert :-)


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

so enchanting and mysterious like something eviL attracting me...

runnerfrog said...

I started trying to guess what could it be, but the long list of evil made me quit already.

Deb said...

Gorgeous colors! It looks like a desert scene, complete with a rare cactus plant set against a beautiful sunset. (Of course I'm ignoring the water, LOL, but it's my fantasy. Nice work :-)

runnerfrog said...

So there you have my version of your funky desert. :-D Added to the post.

Will Doohan said...

...another of your alien life forms, but more evolved. This one has gone to seed. It's seed pods look like basket balls.

Deb said...

Oh I like the funky version. :-D

runnerfrog said...

Will, this plant was nurtured by Dennis Rodman, that's why the plant and the scenery looks like this.

But, Deb, the funky version of every single thing is always the best! :-)

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