Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kind of awards, awards of the kind

On the while that the blog has been down I got a couple of those awards that bloggers give to other bloggers.
It was Vikram the one who awarded me these two:

Brillante Weblog 2008.

Blogging Friends Forever.

So now, to keep the tradition I must pass this on.

Following the rules for the Brillante Weblog I choose the requested seven:

Megan, her intense personality makes every reading special.
Christina, her deep artistic writing makes me think the new generations are very bright as I've not seen in any other.
Tai, my most visited blog; a very creative writer.
Katie, her blog is very real, an extension of herself, a seeker of the truth. She commited the mistake of posting some of my work too.
Russ, his deeply spiritual personality and blogs are very worth a periodic visit, I've used a couple of his works here, being the only alive writer I've used on this blog.
J. Gottschalk - best fractal artist I know for now, her hybrids are very cool.
Trée George (his blog was, meritoriously, a Blogger Blog Of Note award some time ago) - exquisite and inventive.

Following the rules for the B.F.F., I give the requested 5, including one new to my blog.

Amber, my friend.
Deborah, I eagerly wait for her posts: post more often!
Nadia, my favourite in spanish.
María, she posted some of my work to illustrate poems in spanish.
Nina, she blogs about her inner life and about autism.


Trée said...

Thanks C

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

welcome back bro
nicely done

Dzeni said...

Thanks. You are very kind and have made my day that much brighter :)

yo misma said...

jiji, gracias mi favorito en inglés!!!

Deb said...

Thank you C, much appreciated. And I will try to post more often ;-)

runnerfrog said...

In fact, friends, I'm grateful to have you to read.

@ Deb: or put your doppelganger to work! :-)

Christina said...

All this even though I have gotten busy and stolidly ignored you for weeks and weeks... now you're going to make me cry.

love and thank you.

runnerfrog said...

You're cherished, C. :-)
Take it easy too. I'll send you something you and your family may like. :-D

itzktb said...

Thanks Cristian! xoxox from NYC!

runnerfrog said...

Hey, but you forgot you thank me on e-mail already! :-D

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