Saturday, April 11, 2009

Creature of the Light #11

My enemy came nigh,
And I
Stared fiercely in his face.
My lips went writhing back in a grimace,
And stern I watched him with a narrow eye.
Then, as I turned away, my enemy,
That bitter heart and savage, said to me:
"Some day, when this is past,
When all the arrows that we have are cast,
We may ask one another why we hate,
And fail to find a story to relate.
It may seem then to us a mystery
That we should hate each other."

Thus said he,
And did not turn away,
Waiting to hear what I might have to say,
But I fled quickly, fearing had I stayed
I might have kissed him as I would a maid.

James Stephens, "Hate".


Deb said...

The crest on the helmet of a celestial warrior. The colors denote the *Order of the Light*

runnerfrog said...

Interesting... Maybe that's the name that the humans give to the Frog Alliance...

Deb said...

Yes, indeed. Made possible by the mightiest knight Sir Froggie.

runnerfrog said...

Sir Froggie of Hoppenbury.

itzktb said...

It's those fingers again! Very cool.

runnerfrog said...

Maybe I have something about fingers...

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