Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nine-pointed star

The presence of the number 9 is frequent in Bahá'í symbols. The number nine represents perfection, and it is the numerical value of the word Bahá’. Its most common representation is the nine-pointed star, which encloses the fruits of the spirit. In the catholic tradition they're listed on the epistle to the galatians (5:22).
Normally, the nine-pointed star is a symbol that means that the highest instance (whichever that is in your beliefs) shares a part of its divine nature in these nine qualities right up into our souls and personalities.
Here in my image, the nine-pointed star is intendedly not emmiting shadow, but yes reflection.

Spirit Divine! Eternal! Holy Dove!
These sacred fruits are thine,—peace, joy, and love,
Even peace with heaven, and peace on earth; a joy
Earth cannot give, nor, leagued with hell, destroy.
Love! 'tis the love thy presence sheds abroad
In hearts renew'd, the love supreme of God;
Long-suffering, when assailed by wrong or scorn;
Calm gentleness, though tried and spirit-worn;
True goodness, flowing from its source Divine;
And faith, that whispers, Saviour, Thou art mine!
Mild tranquil meekness, with her lowly grace;
And temperance, ruling measure, mood, and place,
In words, in deeds, in meats, in drinks, in all,
In every phase of life her warning call
Observ'd, obey'd; 'gainst such no law is found,
With heaven-born graces richly robed and crown'd.
Spirit of God! o'er the dark waters move,
That whelm our souls, where light, nor life, nor love,
Stir the dull chaos: come with life and power,
Creating light, and beauty, fruit, and flower!

Janet Hamilton, "The Fruits of the Spirit".


itzktb said...

Like pretty little fingers dancing.

runnerfrog said...

...And tapping, tapping, endlessly tapping on the table :-)

Thanks for the correction and the support for adding "Spoint" to the dictionary. One vote, one chicken.

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