Saturday, May 02, 2009

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract #85

I have sought all the colors in the prism;
I have brought them home again with me,
And feebly give them out upon the earth.
Sometimes I have sung
With a long sad cry in my throat
Or with a murmuring as of curiously wrought shells.

Sometimes I have danced
With pink clouds, in a dense forest,
Over the moist brown moss,
And curved my white body in long lines,
Like a white reed swaying in a slight wind;
And in growing tired of sweet things,
Have sunk upon the earth
And in a passion gathered in my hands
Warm, red clay, and hued a woman
With a haunted face, or a panther
Creeping close to the ground.
And when the sun set, I painted,
Deliberately choosing my colors and fusing them,
Or I would splash heavily with paint,
Giving you a glimpse of subtle strength.
I would give, give, give of myself or go mad,
But all these efforts are futile and they rend me,
For through one medium only may I give, though poorly,
A rude pencil is ever ready to my hand,
And my thoughts are prisoned souls
That sob to be born in bodies.

Isobel Stone, "Creator".


oo7 said...

my stomach worms..,

runnerfrog said...

Must be due to colorful candy.