Wednesday, May 06, 2009

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract #86

The green frog has green worms in his green lungs; or something like that. A flu, or a cold. I shouldn't be blogging. The doc forbid that in particular: "No blog for you!". He's the blog nazi.
Fever talk.

I don't want to come, yet suddenly I'm here;
I don't want to leave, yet suddenly I'm gone.
Don't know where I've come from. or gone from, either.
In this there is, of course, True News.

Since heaven can't speak, I'll have to pass it on.
Just wait for old Master Chaos to come back to life.
If I search for myself, I'll certainly find me.

Yuan Mei, "Delirium (joking at illness)".


itzktb said...

Like The Incredible Hulk, The Flu Fighting Frog will prevail! And what do those stupid doctors know, anyway? Blogging is free medicine!

Sending love and a speedy recovery.

runnerfrog said...

And blogging surely have less side effects.
-Mighty green frog.

Elena said...

Wish you get well soon! Btw, chicken soup ;) is good for the flu.

runnerfrog said...

There we reached a paradox where vegetarianism can be bad for your health.