Monday, September 21, 2009

International day of peace 2009

An image by me and a song by The Innocence Mission, to say goodbye to the cold winter, and to welcome the springtime in Argentina, and the International Day of Peace. May peace bloom and prevail on earth.

Sweep down early, Tomorrow, come.
Ring out. Tell me you have arrived.
I will kiss all the faces of my beloved ones.
I will meet the morning.
Sweep down early, my friend.

Flower forth, all you branches of Easter.
Why won't the spring come?
Sweep down early, Tomorrow, come.
Tell me that I can just start over again.
Sweep down early, my friend.

And we will go somewhere now.
And it feels like we can go
in the morning. When the morning comes.

The Innocence Mission, "Sweep down early". Play the song with this widget:


Tai said...

Happy Argentinian spring and happy peace day and happy frog freedom day! The image is so beautiful. It looks like a world of peace.

itzktb said...

Cristian! This is so extraordinary and lovely and beautiful! Happy spring to you!

runnerfrog said...

:-) Thank you Sweet T. and Krazy K. for the wishes.
In frog freedom day no cars go through the frog crossing during the whole day.

Will Doohan said...

There was an International Peace Day? You mean humanity actually took a days break from slaughtering each other off for the past, oh, 2000 years? Wow. We really do live in interesting times.

Enjoy the coming spring Cris! We are moving into autumn up here in the northern hemisphere. I love the crisp cool air and watching the leaves change color. Haven't seen any frogs on my nature walks but I did see two large turtles and a good sized snake. The snake scared me a bit. His appearance was unexpected.

runnerfrog said...

Well, the international peace day is, more than anything, an expression of desire by the U.N., and you know that nobody really listens to the U.N. Unfortunately.
The spring weather hasn't arrived yet, Will. The post was unable to bring it.

So you're meeting with the servants of the frogs; turtles are our chariots, snakes are our fast motorcycles. Some of them are modded so they look scary.

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