Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mandalas #11, #12, #13 & #14

Four images and a song to play by Dylan Mondegreen.

i could talk to you
if i had something to say
something funny and profound
that would seem to make sense
i have no such stories

so i go to my home
and i stay at home
take a drink for my own pleasure
take a bath to feel clean
and it's good to be alone

when i'm tired of being polite
my room is the site
of a dreamer's life

when the night comes
and all i have is myself
then i look at the stars
till my eyes get sore
when your friends are gone
what is life all about?
i spend too much time alone
just listening to my favourite songs

so i dream about love
that's what's keeping me awake
sure you'd love to come visit
sure you'd love to stay
but not tonight

Dylan Mondegreen, "my favourite songs". Play the song with this widget:


itzktb said...

OMG! Stop, please, you're killin me! How will I ever get full prints made of all of these!? I want them all around my apartment forever!

My word verification code is "Pricill." Guess it's the "Pricill" have to pay!

VickY said...

wow!i loved the first one the most.

runnerfrog said...

Well, K., the biggest concern should be the size and space? That's the Vigrincl of the issue.
You have better things on your walls, but I've told you I could gladly take care of the prints if you tell me which ones.

Vikram, I like the first one too, maybe magenta and green remembers me something odd and alive into my fridge.

itzktb said...

The problem is I love MOST of the Mandalas. Printing them will cost you and arm and a leg and ten toes at LEAST! How about you help me figure out which ones and the sizes, then you can mail me the disk. Or hand deliver them on your next trip to NY?

runnerfrog said...

I could give away my legs, but never my toes.

The series is 21 images. That's half a plane ticket. So I can leave the plane half-way, in the forest, between all those wild frogs, that will use the mandalas as lily pads.

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