Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mandalas #15, #16 & #17

A hill without a name
Veiled in morning mist.

The beginning of autumn:
Sea and emerald paddy
Both the same green.

The winds of autumn
Blow: yet still green
The chestnut husks.

A flash of lightning:
Into the gloom
Goes the heron's cry.

Matsuo Bashō.


Will Doohan said...

Interesting. I usually don't like the mandalas but I wanted a new desktop image and downloaded and slightly altered #011. I was looking at it and wondering how many folds it has and counted....22! I just counted the folds and see you have an 11 fold symmetry on this one too. Just wondering how you do that.

runnerfrog said...

There's more than meets the eye of the frog.
Well, I also have the 18 and the 12 ones.

I don't know how I do it! I'm affected by the leech, man...

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