Sunday, November 08, 2009

Genetic Algorithms - 3D Abstract #108

To Will Duffy.
This is the best I could do working with cubes, and had to tamper with the lights, reflections and background to be able to like it. This is a representation of the shape of my brain when I don't want to understand, see? Thinking "inside the box". Square. :-)

You take a piece of stone
chisel it with blood,
grind it with Homer’s eye,
burnish it with beams
until the cube comes out perfect.

Next you endlessly kiss the cube
with your mouth, with others’ mouths,
and, most important, with infanta’s mouth.
Then you take a hammer
and suddenly knock a corner off.

All, indeed absolutely all will say
what a perfect cube this would have been
if not for the broken corner

Nichita Stanescu, "A lecture on the cube".


Will Doohan said...

Thank You Cris. I feel honored and embarrassed. I had forgotten my comment about using cubes for your art. Hmmm, can they change size as they are growing along the line? Must they always be connected or can cubes with a small space between them be drawn? I have no idea what it would take to do that, and you do not have to bother if it is hard.

About Nichita Stanescu's small story, when everyone is kissing it, I thought, "Ah, they are 'Gleaming the Cube'." Also, it is still perfect after the corner is broken off. It is the perfection of an abbreviated fractal, like a real tree.

runnerfrog said...

Gleaming the cube. :-) Good one, Will.

I'll try the new perspective of size and space.