Friday, November 06, 2009

Mandala #19

To the memory of the moment when I had a poem dedicated to me, by Russ Loar. Below.

for Cristian

1. Love Is Easy

Unlike philosophy,
Love is easy,
You wake up each morning
And joy fills your heart
Because someone you love will say,
“I love you,”
Before the day is through,
And you will hold each other close
In a moment of eternity.

2. Love Is Hard

Unlike philosophy,
Love is hard,
You wake up each morning
And pain fills your heart
Because someone you love has said,
“I don’t love you,”
And all day long
You will feel wounded and empty,
Hoping it won’t last forever.

3. Love Is Mysterious

Unlike philosophy,
Love is mysterious,
You wake up each morning
And both joy and pain fill your heart
Because you ache to say,
“I love you,”
If only you could find someone
Before the end of another lonely day
And see the dream awaken.

Russ Loar, "Love is not philosophy".

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