Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Abstract Nº45

One dream, from last night:

I was writing numbers on one accounting book, all them in red, I was dishevelled and writing with fury, and doing very ironic and aggressive remarks on the people responsable of the numbers in red. At some moment my boss called me to his office, I walked after him, making sarcastic remarks directly at him, and he introduced me to some other guy, who I insulted while doing normal stuff, like shaking his hand, but my right hand detached from my forearm, and it remained in his hand; I absolutely panicked, and walked back in horror, screaming, they didn't seemed surprised, and my boss catched my forearm when I was falling to the floor in panic, my forearm remained in his hand too, as I tried to scream and crawl away, but I kicked one of his foot and one of my legs detached from my body too, soon after, a person took it away with her, another woman took my left arm, some other my torso, everyone took something away, and my head remained on the floor, with my mouth in position of a scream, my boss took it under his arm, walked to his office, accidentally hitted my face against his door, and I woke up.

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