Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Happy hangover of the Ain't Patty's Day! You went through the most alcoholic day in the year and survived gallons of toxic delight, so you deserve a clover now (or you can revisit a Shamrock). Congratulations, this is the stuff the heroes are made of: endurance. This is your almost-irish clover:

We don't celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Argentina, except some irish settled here, but I enjoy knowing that people survives severe tests in other zones of the world. In the end, being argentinian is, somehow, surviving a severe test of endurance too.
I not only like clover flowers a lot, but I also use this haiku in a very ironic way, and I mention this just in case your alcohol gaze do not allow you to notice :-P Hihi.

bush-clover flowers —
they sway but do not drop
their beads of dew

Matsuo Basho.


Deb said...

A liquid shamrock, I like it! I didn't participate in any toxic delight, but others did. LOL ;-)

runnerfrog said...

Yeah, right, that's what everyone says, Deb :-)
The drinkable shamrock, made of peppermint liquor was a delicatessen I wanted to try myself... but I didn't participate ;-)

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