Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Four

Four are the noble truths of Buddhism, four are the horsemen of the Apocalypse, four are the nucleobase in DNA, four is the valency of carbon (base of life in earth), four are the Aristotle's causes in nature, the greek's classical elements are four, four are the dimensions, the sphynx (superconscious) it is composed by four animals, four rivers in the garden of Eden, four are the letters of the name of the God of Israel.
Four is the number representing completion and stability (One is the male principle, Two is the feminine, Three is the synthesis of the previous -the idea and self-expression, and Four is the material manifestation, system and order of the idea; it is the dream come true of the represented by the three).
Art is revealed and related to the human spirit in four ways: beauty, truth, goodness, and love.


Christina said...

Four letters
in the word

Oh well your post was prettier.


runnerfrog said...

Cinco letras
en la palabra

The Other C.

Christina said...

Look at that.
You made it beautiful.

runnerfrog said...

Just added one letter to your four. ;-)

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