Saturday, June 07, 2008

3D (GA's) Abstracts Nº 18 and 19

Just in case there's anyone in doubt I'm making evolutionary art in 3D, meaning generative art in 3D, meaning working with interactive genetic algorithms in 3D, etc. (don't know why should I lie) I show here two slightly evolved images (phenotypes), see the shapes are different and the textures are way too different, unfortunately (that's something hard to control yet).
Each set on nine phenotypes or images takes no less than 3 minutes in rendering and no more than 45 minutes, with a 64-bits 1,83 core-2-duo and 2 GB of ram. I'm working on Ubuntu Linux and the software is 64-bits too, of course, but I've not been able to find a proper or available computer cluster to do the work yet.
The big problem about Evoart in 3D is that each of the nine images should be rendered before picking which one/s to keep evolving from, the wire-frames are not enough for the human to take that decision properly, the final texture is needed too (which is also decided by genetic algorithms); all this means the rendering times are longer than in 2D evolutionary art, or longer than just rendering one image at a time, because a set of (minimum) nine images (or genotype of 3 x 3 images) should be rendered at a time, before continuing with the next set.

These two ugly beings came out of the water. Notice the water ripples are different and the sky texture too, both fractal-generated instead of IGA's.

3D Nº18:

3D Nº 19:

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