Sunday, June 08, 2008

3D L-systems - Translucent Vegetation I & II

Four hundred posts; too many, somebody stop me or I'll end up boring someone... else.

I must present my most sincere apologies to the readers who lost the feed of my blog, just because I stupidly changed it along with the name ("what was I thinking" comes up to my mind several times a day for different reasons). If you still want to keep getting the feed just take it again from the right column.

In the first image you may notice the same problem that I have with Interactive Genetic Algorithms in 3D, the problem is the 3D itself: the camera position may be blocked by the growing "Plant" (or "Being", in the case of IGA's), plus the fact that my limited knowledge of PovRay parameters put me to think about developing my own simple rendering engine (or, better, to find a lighter and easier one). That doesn't sound easy, PovRay is very cool, as growing virtual organic art is too. I have a bunch of digital plants and strange animals on my computer and they don't mess up my house :-)

First vegetation, blocking the camera:

A slight turn of the camera, while the plant was growing, took that branch out of my eye:

O never harm the dreaming world,
the world of green, the world of leaves,
but let its million palms unfold
the adoration of the trees.

It is a love in darkness wrought
obedient to the unseen sun,
longer than memory, a thought
deeper than the graves of time.

The turning spindles of the cells
weave a slow forest over space,
the dance of love, creation,
out of time moves not a leaf,
and out of summer, not a shade.

Kathleen Raine, "Vegetation".


joe said...

hey thanks... i checked your blog and i'm digging yours as well. I'll definitely be coming back

runnerfrog said...

You are welcome any time.

Sad Open said...

The tao of physic is the blend of art and science. Life need balance. Great blog!

runnerfrog said...

a great blog? :-) Thanks for your lovely words!

DigiPix said...

I saw your comment on my photo blog. Thanks a lot.
Beautiful poem. Talented. Keep it up.

runnerfrog said...

Thank you D.
The poem is obviously not mine :-) but it is obviously talented. ;-)

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