Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seven hearts

not on my lips look for your mouth,
not in front of the gate for the stranger,
not in the eye for the tear.

seven nights higher red makes for red,
seven hearts deeper the hand knocks on the gate,
seven roses later plashes the fountain.

Paul Celan, "Crystal".


Intergalactic Stacey said...

It's like a bouquet of heart-shaped roses. Beautiful!

I've looked at some of your pieces further down the blog and I see you've been doing some 3D work. Great job!

runnerfrog said...

Stacey Whaley, you've been so missed.
Thanks, and I'm glad you like it. Getting the development into 3D is taking time and effort :-)

Stand Up said...

Thanks for the support. Doc said to keep running, just ignore the pain. oy..

runnerfrog said...

Weird doctor. I'm glad you are taking painkillers.

Tai said...

Ah, the exquisite pain of Paul Celan. Perfect image/poem pairing.

runnerfrog said...

Oh, very glad that you like it.

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