Saturday, November 29, 2008

Creature of the Light Nº1

Sometime ago I finally came up with another idea for a series. It was thankfully inspired by e-mails exchanged with Megan; what a deeply cherished spiral of influence. I think it's my third serie already, but the first in 3D. I'm somewhat thrilled because of its possibilities (although nothing here is a big deal, except having the fresh air of inspiration). It'll be a "double-helix" serie of organic art: Creatures of the Light and Species of the Dark; it may allow me to post very cherished poems about good and evil, and about the paradise won and the paradise lost. I'm excited with the possibilities, although I really don't like to work on a serie of a concept because it restricts the creativity, but my creativity has been clearly unexistent for months and surely that's why I'm excited about this and thankful to know Megan; it gives me a glimpse of an objective. All this is based on my teenager fantasy of becoming a mural painter, I wanted to paint a struggle between good and evil on every worldly scene, every human act, but I never found the opportunity of studying visual arts. So this is a very reduced version of that teenage dream, downgraded to organic art, but it requires my fullest attention to the escorting poem. So I wish to cope with it.
It is ironic that this came up under the pressure of a hard time in my life, but who can't say something different?, nothing shows up on a perfect moment and in its perfect place.
This is the first one, best viewed full-screen. Next ones will not include so much babbling.

You can play the song with this gadget:

Baby, I've been waiting,
I've been waiting night and day
I didn't see the time, I waited half my life away
There were lots of invitations and I know you sent me some,
But I was waiting for the miracle,
For the miracle to come

I know you really loved me
but, you see, my hands were tied
I know it must have hurt you,
it must have hurt your pride to have to stand
beneath my window with your bugle
and your drum,
and me I'm up there waiting for the miracle,
for the miracle to come

Ah I don't believe you'd like it, you wouldn't like it here
There ain't no entertainment and the judgments are severe
The Maestro says it's Mozart but it sounds like bubble gum
when you're waiting for the miracle,
for the miracle to come

Waiting for the miracle there's nothing left to do
I haven't been this happy since the end of World War II

Nothing left to do
when you know that you've been taken
Nothing left to do when you're begging for a crumb
Nothing left to do when you've got to go on waiting
waiting for the miracle to come

I dreamed about you, baby; tt was just the other night
Most of you was naked, Ah, but some of you was light
The sands of time were falling from your fingers and your thumb,
and you were waiting for the miracle,
for the miracle to come

Ah, baby, let's get married, we've been alone too long
Let's be alone together, let's see if we're that strong
Yeah let's do something crazy, something absolutely wrong
While we're waiting for the miracle,
for the miracle to come

When you've fallen on the highway
and you're lying in the rain,
and they ask you how you're doing
of course you'll say, you can't complain --
If you're squeezed for information,
that's when you've got to play it dumb:
You just say you're out there waiting
for the miracle,
for the miracle to come

Leonard Cohen, "Waiting for the Miracle".


itzktb said...

Beautiful graphic, beautiful song.

And by the way, I get it now--24 hours ahead of NY.

See, I'm not so stupid.

Dzeni said...

Awesome image! I love the symmetry and the "clean" lines. The white background was a good choice. This is one of those cases where less is most definitely more.

runnerfrog said...

Katie: Good one! And almost true, because I'm 24 hours behind everything I must do.
Excuse the delay. I'm very busy on this world domination plans.

Dzeni, that means a lot coming from you. Thanks.

Moflo said...

It looks sharp but is maybe soft and it is beautiful all at the same time, much like the Leonard Cohen song:
"...most of you was naked, ah, but some of you was light..."

runnerfrog said...

You said it.

Deb said...

Very unique, and a Dzeni said, the white background works perfectly.

Will Doohan said...

A metallic creature that is maybe hard, maybe soft, looks dangerous but could be good.

Are Pinky and the Brain helping you with those plans?

runnerfrog said...

Thanks Deb, I love the word you used.

Will, only Pinky is helping, The Brain have his own plans... For Pinky "helping" is a blurry concept.