Monday, November 03, 2008

The Great Wave

OK, people, finally I'm sort of content with something I made, even kind of proud. This is my version, completely evolved out of interactive genetic algorithms, of the Katsushika Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". I utterly needed to do this, it was an urge bigger than life to me these days, I couldn't go on with my mind and my heart if I didn't try with all that I am to recreate an electronic version of it. One night I woke up with this foreboding words out of the dream: "I'm drifting and the storm wave is coming. I know." First, the words put me to think that I had one enough apocaliptic colour and vision on Dawn of the Apocalypse, but soon after I noticed: "No, no, I'm wrong, this is something else, this involves another symbol, and another connection". This dream came out of the pressure accumulated, the passion just because, the contempt about, the pulling to, the visionary response to the mediocrity to which I don't want my life to ever finally go into, if it does, it will be in total dissidence for the fact, disobedience for the universal rules prepared to push me to, and disregard for any other who don't resist to the same tragedy. Recovering any dialog with the Muse is priceless, I've been without her weird quirks for so long that any contact is appreciated to the most, so that other connection that I presumed it might be with my Muse again?... poor being, thirsty trying to get water out of the rock of my creativity, but still around, after years of yearning for it.
Being an inspiration for another being in this world (as my beloved writer Jorge Luis Borges have said) it's not a minor thing at all! Do never underestimate the power of kindness nor inspiration. The inspiration that pushed this urge to grow until it was an unstoppable impelling force (a wave itself) came from the influence that the conversations on exchanged e-mails with my kindred spirit Megan have had. Every detail pushed me to recreate this opus, the Great Wave, that I've adored since a teenager -may be insulting it too instead of doing a rendition. I know the Mount Fuji is not there, not there also the repeated Mount Fuji on the wave forms, I know the background is too simple (still, genetically evolved, and the colours gratify me), I know all the defects of it, I've been the one over it for around 10 days of feverish work!, but also I know the basic power of it it's there in a way, pushed by nightmare colours, and the fingers, the hands of the Wave are there about to grab our souls in the final cleansing of the surface of this earth. I know I'm talking obsessed about it with my actual headache and my hunger, so it's a big relief to drop it for a while, to let it go out of the system, to the restricted public view that this blog has.
Finally, some rest... hopefully ;-)

I think the connection is quite well represented by William H. Davies on its extreme lucid and eternal poem down below.

My back is turned on Spring and all her flowers,
The birds no longer charm from tree to tree;
The cuckoo had his home in this green world
Ten days before his voice was heard by me.

Had I an answer from a dear one's lips,
My love of life would soon regain its power;
And suckle my sweet dreams, that tug my heart,
And whimper to be nourished every hour.

Give me that answer now, and then my Muse,
That for my sweet life's sake must never die,
Will rise like that great wave that leaps and hangs
The sea-weed on a vessel's mast-top high.

William H Davies, "Love and the Muse".


•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

it does justice to what you want it to be...
liked it ..see a bit evil in it though..maybe the colors.

runnerfrog said...

Thanks for your constant encouragement and comments, good friend.