Thursday, November 13, 2008

The flower

For M.

I am a kind word uttered and repeated by the voice of nature;
I am a star fallen from the blue tent upon the green carpet.
I am the daughter of the elements with whom winter conceived;
To whom Spring gave birth;
I was reared in the lap of Summer and I slept in the bed of Autumn.

At dawn I unite with the breeze to announce the coming of light;
At eventide I join the birds in bidding the light farewell.

The plains are decorated with my beautiful colours,
And the air is scented with my fragrance.

As I embrace slumber the eyes of night watch over me,
And as I awaken I stare at the sun,
Which is the only eye of the day.

I drink dew for wine, and harken to the voices of the birds,
And dance to the rhythmic swaying of the grass.

I am the lover’s gift; I am the wedding wreath;
I am the memory of a moment of happiness;
I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow.

But I look up high to see only the light,
And never look down to see my shadow.
This is wisdom which man must learn.

Kahlil Gibran, "Song of the flower" (A Tear and a smile).


Dzeni said...

This is simply wonderful! I love the 3D effect. A magical piece.

runnerfrog said...

Glad you like it that much. I've been working with enthusiasm, but apparently that doesn't take the doubts away.

Moflo said...

I love it, Cristian. I absolutely love it (and you used Khalil Gibran!).

Thank you.

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

lovely as always bro..


runnerfrog said...

M.: I had to use Gibran! Wasn't coincidental, of course. ;-)

Thanks again Vikram. Have a good stay in Delhi, pal.

itzktb said...

Beautiful, Cristian. Amazing.

runnerfrog said...

Mh, but how to know it's not only the effect of popsicles speaking?
Thank you.

itzktb said...

I wasn't on popsicles when I posted the comment--I swear!

btw: my word verification code for today is "Latin."

How appropriate.

runnerfrog said...

That's what all popsicle abusers say! ;-)

itzktb said...

You win. Again.

Deb said...

I'm with Dzeni. What a magical piece. It sings!

runnerfrog said...

Hey, Deb, I'm glad to see you back :-) Why don't you sing?

Will Doohan said...

Is it an Octopus, or octopi?
Either way, your an inventive guy.

runnerfrog said...

Ut's not an octopus because it doesn't have eight of anything, nor an embrace of octopi either.

The bad thing about first impressions is that you can only make one.