Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas star

At Christmas time from clime to clime
Each star to star doth sweetly chime,
Till all the heavens are ringed with rhyme

Then loosed above, a note thereof
Floats downward like a wandering dove,
And all the world is ringed with Love!

John Bannister Tabb, "A Christmas chime".

EDIT:  and a bluer version, just because:


itzktb said...

Wow! Reminds me of, but much more friendly than, my dream last night.


runnerfrog said...

Your dream last night seemed friendly somehow too.

Thanks for this kindness or appreciation. No matter how much I try I can't find beauty on this images, although I am a bit proud of the final result in two or three.

itzktb said...

My dream began as a beautiful vision, then turned into a nightmare. It was the first time I experienced what it might feel like to know I am about to die.

But yes, friendly in the end, and perhaps a message--that regardless of the danger around me, I am safe.

The beauty I see in your star is that when removed from the rest, its power is more apparent, and its radiance stems from a solitary and unmovable strength, shining outward and lighting up the dark sky.

My word verification for this comment is "Bless."

Will Doohan said...

I liked two of its arms, but not the other three. I won't say which ones, so as not to incite jealousy.

I would still hang it on my fantasy tree tho, next to Stargazers hyperdimensional crystal ball

runnerfrog said...

Oh, I C., Katie, it was kindness ;-)

We will have fantasy trees soon, if we don't kick some politicians ass.

Deb said...

Lovely images...
make a wish
When you wish upon a star

runnerfrog said...

I wish I could trade everything for having a little more. ;-)


itzktb said...

I like the bluer version so much better!

My word verification for this post is "Sadish."

But I'm not. :)

runnerfrog said...

Tricky word verifications, they come out of the blue.