Sunday, December 28, 2008

Red and blue and blue and red

Last year for Innocents' Day I posted an image, and now wanted to make a 3D version, well this is it. Pasting the text of that previous post:
If you are one of those, like me, who can't take a side on red or blue, this is for you. :-) The image is simply red and blue and blue and red, but not red or blue nor blue or red, nor only red and blue, nor only blue and red, but just red and blue and blue and red. So that's the name.

By the way, have a nice innocents' day.



itzktb said...

On Christmas day I was given a gift, the primary color was red.

"Perfect!" I said, "Red is my favorite color!"

My daughter shot me a perplexed look.

"I thought your favorite color was blue!"she said.

"You're right!" I replied, and in that moment, not only did I find it impossible to decide between the two, I realized I never could.

Thank you for creating this beautiful image--now I, as well as all others who carry this red/blue dilemma, can finally breath a sigh of relief!

runnerfrog said...

And the enlightening purple, waiting at the horizon.

Annielk said...

Hi! OH MY GOD!!!! I love this picture! It's so pretty! And besides purple I love red and blue too! They're a perfect blend.

runnerfrog said...

Then, are you an soccer fan of the argentinian red and blue team (San Lorenzo), or the purple team (Lanús)? :-)
I guess the purple ones. They look cool.