Monday, December 15, 2008

Pendant of the spider queen

This was rendered using radiosity, and area lights of course (something geeky for the unbelievers), first ever that I post. The render started december 12 and ended today, too long to repeat this insanity.

As Christmas comes closer, and as I don't feel worst or better than any other day, I still try to embelish my thoughts with edible darkness, just to keep the balance and do not float when I'm lighter.
The heat is striking hard, so the winterly thoughts of Mallarmé are a poor consolation but welcome anyway. I had a good time repeating teenage readings; I think I was a better reader then.

This is not a compliment at all, but a pendant for human arthropodes, asymmetry intended.

I don’t come to conquer your flesh tonight, O beast
In whom are the sins of the race, nor to stir
In your foul tresses a mournful tempest
Beneath the fatal boredom my kisses pour:

A heavy sleep without those dreams that creep
Under curtains alien to remorse, I ask of your bed,
Sleep you can savour after your dark deceits,
You who know more of Nothingness than the dead.

For Vice, gnawing this inborn nobleness of mine
Marked me, like you, with its sterility,
But shroud-haunted, pale, destroyed, I flee

While that heart no tooth of any crime
Can wound lives in your breast of stone,
Frightened of dying while I sleep alone.

Stéphane Mallarmé, "Distress".


Will Doohan said...

It reminds me of the book title "The Dancing Wu-Li Masters" which I haven't red unfortunately. All those legs!

itzktb said...

It's kind of spooky. So much so that I've been hesitant to comment! :)

Deb said...

Now that's a long render! But cool results. A very unique pendant.

runnerfrog said...

I am spooky myself, lately, K.

Thanks Deb and Will, that book sounds like a made up thing, but it isn't, most like everything here too.

itzktb said...

Never spooky C, only mysterious.

runnerfrog said...

Lucky bastard I am :-)