Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract Nº79

We met upon the stepping stones,
She blushed and looked at me;
The river turned its short, sharp moans
Into sweet melody.

I heard the music in my heart,
I said, "Sweet maid, I find
That I will have to turn again,
And let you come behind."

Thereat she hung her dainty head,
The river's melody
Grew sweeter, and methought it said,
"The maid will follow thee."

I turned upon the stepping stone,
The maiden came behind;
She whispered in her sweetest tone,
"Dear sir, but you are kind."

"Nay, nay," I said, and took her hand;
"But shall I turn again,
Or wait until a tender band
Be bound about us twain?"

She hung her head, then, blushing, said,
"Dear sir, but you are kind;
If you will cross the stepping stones,
I will not stay behind."

Alexander Anderson, "The stepping stones".


itzktb said...

Cristian, I love this one.

Oddly (but knowing you it's not so odd), it's a real mixture of things. At first glance it looks almost cruel, but look twice and it's as sweet as the padded footstep of a baby bear.

At least that's what I see.

Nice work, love.

runnerfrog said...

Cruel like a frog.
Sweet like a frog.
You C. like a frog.
Nice frog, love.

itzktb said...

Once again, I love what you say even when I have no idea what you're saying. That's OK, as long as you understand yourself.

runnerfrog said...

Frogs again, I frog what you say even when I have no frog what you're frogging. That's OK, as long as you frog yourself.