Saturday, February 07, 2009


Kind of a surfacing jellyfish?  Fragile and dangerous. Like everything surfacing from the dark depths, dangerous and fragile.
Here, at this region, we call them Aguaviva (water alive) or Medusa, and I like those spanish names better than Jellyfish.

Who wants my jellyfish?
I'm not sellyfish!

Ogden Nash, "the Jellyfish".


Tai said...

Nice reflection and thanks for the Ogden. Aguaviva is the perfect name for a creature that is 90% water and so otherworldly. Most of them are not so dangerous -- just a little sting, and then you forget all about it.

itzktb said...

Love the reflections.

(My word verification for this post is "Seahog.")

runnerfrog said...

Too kind, Katie, and between you and me: I think Tai is the otherworldly. :-)

itzktb said...


And by the way, my word verification code is "Miture." Maybe it means to be only a little mature--or worse, maybe it means to be without maturity.

I wonder.

runnerfrog said...

However, you know that maturity is expendable and meaningless after boarding argentinian cabs.
By the way, only a letter away: "Midture" is my personal state, always half way mature.

itzktb said...

"Midture!"Perfect description of you!

Kaz Maslanka said...

Aguaviva is much better than Jellyfish.

Thanks for improving my vocabulary.

runnerfrog said...

My pleasure, Kaz. Just as reading your blog since I discovered it.

Kaz Maslanka said...

Hi Runnerfrog,
I like your DNA pieces they remind me of one that I made, although mine is a little furry.

I am enjoying your blog.

yo misma said...

este me encantó totalmente

runnerfrog said...

El gusto es mío, Nadia.