Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Purple fluid

Life, a purple to swim in it.

You're right—"the way is narrow"—
And "difficult the Gate"—
And "few there be"—Correct again—
That "enter in—thereat"—

'Tis Costly—So are purples!
'Tis just the price of Breath—
With but the "Discount" of the Grave—
Termed by the Brokers—"Death"!

And after that—there's Heaven—
The Good Man's—"Dividend"—
And Bad Men—"go to Jail"—
I guess—

Emily Dickinson, 234.


Tai said...

I think Emily would have liked Jimi Hendrix. Purple haze all in my brain/Lately things just don't seem the same/I'm acting funny but I don't know why/'Scuse me while I kiss the sky.

oo7 said...

what if u don't know to swim??

runnerfrog said...

Indeed Jimi would be a lover at her feet.

Vikram, if you don't know how to swim you could sink and breathe in the purple until you see that the purple keeps you afloat without effort.

itzktb said...

Sorry, it's late, I messed up the last two comments. All I wanted to say was, I miss the frog.

runnerfrog said...

On behalf of the frog:

"I'm sorry, Katie; the frog is hibernating".