Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bloggiversary / Abstract Nº82

Today the blog is two years old. They've been only two years of mostly enjoyed times of blogging, and some few ones not enjoyed. A lot of study and work had happened lately, and during this time off I've seen how I miss coming back to post something simple. I'm going through inner changes regarding my blogs, in fact, most of that study that I named is happening due to my impulse of improving the quality of the material posted. No time during the day seems to be time enough for anything. During the course of this two years, the blog has been tied to the course of my personal concerns and changes, even though it doesn't shows that up.
I don't like to speak about me here, whenever I do, I feel that I'm writing something boring.
I like this abstract, it's colourful and represents my joy of posting here, and other general joys.

What man may learn, what man may do,
Of right or wrong of false or true,
While, skipper-like, his course he steers
Through nine and twenty mingled years,
Half misconceived and half forgot,
So much I know and practise not.

Old are the words of wisdom, old
The counsels of the wise and bold:
To close the ears, to check the tongue,
To keep the pining spirit young;
To act the right, to say the true,
And to be kind whate'er you do.

Thus we across the modern stage
Follow the wise of every age;
And, as oaks grow and rivers run
Unchanged in the unchanging sun,
So the eternal march of man
Goes forth on an eternal plan.

Robert Louis Stevenson, poem named after the first line.


itzktb said...

Feliz aniversario, dulce y con talento rana.

Te amo, Catalina

runnerfrog said...

Hey! Gracias Catalina! Yo también, pero deberías decirle eso al blog, no al autor! :-) Igualmente, voy a aceptar eso para diciembre 20. ;-)

Will Doohan said...

Is it the fossil spine of a moebius creature?

[Congrats on 2 years!!! :-) ]

Deb said...

Lots of funky colors here, giving a sense of joyous motion to the center image. Rockin'

Happy blogging anniversary! I always like your personal posts...and they are NOT boring.

runnerfrog said...

Hey Will, yes it is, and the poor thing is dead for long, now is on the moebius's heaven, where it owns a circular condo.

Thanks Deb, however my posts are, that's how I feel while I'm writing them. But specially thanks for your vision! I like the word "rockin'"

I'm raising this empanada in my hand for the anniversary toast :-)

Maria Fischinger said...

Bello blog y mucho talento

runnerfrog said...

Gracias, María.