Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creature of the Light Nº9

EDIT: Excuse me, the frog has a crooked eye, beside other parts of his body, so the camera was pointing who knows where; it's corrected down here:

My faith
is a great weight
hung on a small wire,
as doth the spider
hang her baby on a thin web,
as doth the vine,
twiggy and wooden,
hold up grapes
like eyeballs,
as many angels
dance on the head of a pin.

God does not need
too much wire to keep Him there,
just a thin vein,
with blood pushing back and forth in it,
and some love.
As it has been said:
Love and a cough
cannot be concealed.
Even a small cough.
Even a small love.
So if you have only a thin wire,
God does not mind.
He will enter your hands
as easily as ten cents used to
bring forth a Coke.

Anne Sexton, "Small wire".


Deb said...

An intricate centipede nestling a perfect marble (or billiard ball). This one is really brilliant. That marble is magical!

runnerfrog said...

Maybe the insect is a marble tee from another dimension, you know, like a golf tee on this one.

itzktb said...

I like your crooked qualities.

runnerfrog said...

You're the one who appreciate them the most.

Christina said...

well, this reminds me of baseball.

and I.... miss... you... too.


runnerfrog said...

Which base? :-)
I wonder if there's anything that doesn't reminds you of baseball, anyway.
And I forgot to say "So... much... little C., so... much.".