Friday, July 20, 2007


Cold, very cold. Then, the 9th of july, and now. Frozen nights, and fog in the mornings. Few people outdoors, I start to bore and work indoors; soon will have another version of my software, even knowing how lousy programmer I am (my professors are helping me now in the winter vacations here); then what? I'm in need of a perpetual summer, I feel I'm getting old. :-) Anyway, there is always something to do at home.

I think the soft borders of this snowflake image is the best achieved with GA's; that is not common, at least with my soft. Took time to render; it is made by "microscopic" hexagons, and I abused of the Function3D to improve the reflecting glass effect, like I did in Uraeus vitreaux.

Until next one :-)


Dzeni said...

Amazing! This is one of my favourites. I love snow flakes (although not snow - too cold) and this is a brilliant example of one. All the more so because it was made using software rather than cold and water.

runnerfrog said...

Thanks a lot Jenni G., you are always so kind. :-)
I've never had the taste for symmetry; but I admit that lately I've developed some interest in it, from fractal artists and the math recursions in nature, flowers specially.

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