Sunday, January 06, 2008

Abstract Nº31

The man who dares to live his life with death before his eyes, the man who receives life back bit by bit and lives as though it did not belong to him by right but has been bestowed on him as a gift, the man who has such freedom and peace of mind that he has overcome death in his thoughts — such a man believes in eternal life because it is already his, it is a present experience, and he already benefits from its peace and joy. He cannot describe this experience in words. He may not be able to conform his view with the traditional picture of it. But one thing he knows for certain: Something within us does not pass away, something goes on living and working wherever the kingdom of the spirit is present. It is already working and living within us, because in our hearts we have been able to reach life by overcoming death.

Albert Schweitzer, "Reverence for Life".


Tai said...

My god, what an amazing quotation. I will have to copy this one down. So much to think about, I see why the accompanying image has such texture, angles, and tonality.

I wish there was someone like Schweitzer now living. It's lonely out there.

runnerfrog said...

It is just that I save strong quotations for weak images, to even the score.

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