Thursday, January 10, 2008


If you like something you shall like this, because this is something, no? ;-)

Well, I leave in hours, will take a short vacation, ten days to ease my mind after five years without any day of real rest. Trip alone. Hope to find something interesting :-)
Will not take the laptop with me to not have the temptation of doing something related to work, but will keep posting anyway; I have some images and some quotes prepared for some days, also I should end with the simulated prisms serie. The last two are cool. So if you read, won't get rid of me easily :-P

Will hit the road. Woohoo!


Deb said...

Here's wishing you a restful vacation. Well, not too restful...have fun and enjoy yourself!

BTW - the image is "something". Colorful, bold and full of energy! Brilliant !!

Have a wonderful vacation.


runnerfrog said...

Thanks, Deb. Good it is something.
I'm there, at my wonderful vacation ;-)

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