Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Copper flower

To my detriment I'll never be neat. This is one more proof to myself and everyone: this work was meant to be posted during the southern springtime, during my series of simulated flowers, but was saved into a different format, in a different folder -mislayed in the end.
Found now, belatedly posted now. Lovely, lovely deep poem to enclose. Copper. How many health hazards and deaths for mining this copper, for just having communication lines open for little global advance.

I am a copper wire slung in the air,
Slim against the sun I make not even a clear line of shadow.
Night and day I keep singing—humming and thrumming:
It is love and war and money; it is the fighting and the
tears, the work and want,
Death and laughter of men and women passing through
me, carrier of your speech,
In the rain and the wet dripping, in the dawn and the
shine drying,
A copper wire.

Carl Sandburg, "Under a telephone pole".


Deb said...

This delicate, lovely "copper" flower is beautiful, notwithstanding the hazards of copper mining.

Abandoned copper mines remain here in Arizona, USA, a reminder of what was.

Amber said...

Of all the things you do, flowers have been my favorite.

runnerfrog said...

@ Deborah: thank you for the comment and link. Will you believe that I feel I read that site before? Or at least has been a Deja Vu.

@ Amber: of all the things you do I can't have one favourite. Flowers will keep blooming once in a while. Now I like symmetry more than before. Hugs, friend.

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