Thursday, January 31, 2008

Abstract Nº37

One dream, last night's:

One guy, late thirties, dishevelled, -some days of beard, beer belly, filthy black t-shirt, dirty skin, worn out blue jeans- was with his hands on his knees, spitting his own tennis shoes (!). I was some meters away, trying to say something to him, but I only moved my mouth erratically and babbled, he looked at me and asked "what?" several times, but continued spitting his own feet later. My effort for articulating was hard, then my eyes started to blink fast, moved my head back, and blacked out. I was recovering consciousness on the floor, felt warm my forehead, so I saw him taking saliva out of his mouth and rubbing it onto my "third eye" in the middle of my forehead. He asked: "Can you speak now?"... I noticed I could, but was sleepy and nothing came to my mind, "Yes, you can", said he, as he stand up and raised his face to the sky, the light illuminated his dirty face, and he said: "love is pedestal enough for everyone" (?) and I woke up.


Deb said...

"love is pedestal enough for everyone"

Interesting dream, and very equally interesting 'statement'.

I clearly see a person with a white aura in your image. Definitely suited for your dream.

runnerfrog said...

I saw that black shape with an aura too.
Funny that the guy on the dream solved everything spitting, ha? ;-D

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