Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3D (GA's) green cubes

If you were looking for green cubes, you came to the right place; if you were not, I'm sorry and understand you, it happens to me all the time, to look for something and to find something different. So this is why I posted green cubes, if you find them you are satisfied, if you were not looking for or don't care about them, you find a sympathetic ear. I posted green cubes because it's always a win-win situation. ;-) ...and because I didn't have anything better. The poem is great though, it's nice to see how Slessor relates materials and hard shapes with fixed ideas and fluid images with a light flow of thought.

Ranks of electroplated cubes, dwindling to glitters,
Like the other pasture, the trigonometry of marble,
Death's candy-bed. Stone caked on stone,
Dry pyramids and racks of iron balls.
Life is observed, a precipitate of pellets,
Or grammarians freeze it into spar,
Their rhomboids, as for instance, the finest crystal
Fixing a snowfall under glass. Gods are laid out
In alabaster, with horny cartilage
And zinc ribs; or systems of ecstasy
Baked into bricks. There is a gallery of sculpture,
Bleached bones of heroes, Gorgon masks of bushrangers;
But the quarries are of more use than this,—
Filled with the rolling of huge granite dice,
Ideas and judgments: vivisection, the Baptist Church,
Good men and bad men, polygamy, birth-control...
Frail tinkling rush
Water-hair streaming
Prickles and glitters
Cloudy with bristles
River of thought
Swimming the pebbles—
Undo, loosen your bubbles

Kenneth Slessor, "Fixed ideas"


Will Doohan said...

Ahhh, but is it 'Cubist' art?

runnerfrog said...

:-D Truly funny.
In fact it is cuber art, I used a lot of egg cubers to change the shape of all this green eggs, ;-) now I need to cube ham, and then I'll give cube green eggs and cube ham to my irritable friend to eat.

Cube Sam-I-Am.

Deb said...

Well, I happen to like green cubes, so I guess I found what I was looking for.

Don't think about it too much, I don't make sense :P

Love the green eggs reference!

runnerfrog said...

yeah, right, _you_ don't make sense, hm... :-)

Will Doohan said...

I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam-I-am. :-D

runnerfrog said...

You do not like them.
So you say.
Try them! Try them!
And you may.
Try them and you may, I say.

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