Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blog name changed, who cares :-)

For over a year the name of the blog wasn't representing the blog anymore. Finally came to a more appropriate name. Pattern Recognition is the most, or one of the most, important functions in machine learning achieved by (interactive) genetic algorithms (which are the ones used to create my images); and pattern recognition is the psychological process that I follow when recognizing a set of stimuli produced by one of this artworks (phenotypes) while finding a name for it and a matching piece of literature. In short: is the process that represents most of the machine and human work showing up in this blog, so it is very appropriate and geeky; and in shorter and in the more appropriate words of the Cheshire Cat: "We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad." (- "How do you know I am mad?" - "You must be. Or you wouldn't have come here.").
So artificial intelligence and human intelligence are strongly cooperating to bore the visitors as much as possible. :-D See we are all mad here?

Gone are the days when I wanted to add something to a neofauvist theory. I still believe fauvism can be taken further, though.



Will Doohan said...

I had thought that I had surfed to the wrong blog for a second. This is a better name. Keep Posting Froggie!

runnerfrog said...

Now you know how I feel when I'm sleepy.

Deb said...

Oh, I'm so bored. That's why I keep returning.

...and yes, we're all mad!

...and sleepy zzzzzzzz


runnerfrog said...

And I'm bored of being mad, that's why I'm sleepy.

Tai said...

Somewhere in these patterns of growth and death and evolution I detect a Fibonacci sequence. At any rate I like the name change...patterns and recognition are two of my favorite things.

runnerfrog said...

I imagine for a moment finding a fibonacci sequence out of patterns of behaviour in my life and felt a bit scared :-) had an impulse of doing something unpredictable until reminded that may be the pattern could relate to the golden ratio, and then I was calm down.
Thanks for stopping by, good Tai.

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