Sunday, May 11, 2008


Tired today of 2D and thiking about matching poems, couldn't help to try my 3D extensions again. The image was generated after a very simple set of instructions, only spheres were used at the 3D renderer.
It was born hours ago, and as it looks like sort of a water monster, I named it Piast, like the irish beast.
The creature was generated by genetic algorithms, the background is fractal-generated and both interact, as the water demonstrate.
Image is widescreen 16:9.

Of monsters the Irish had, and still believe in, the Piast (Latin bestia), a huge dragon or serpent confined to lakes by St. Patrick till the day of judgment, but still occasionally seen in their waters. In old Fenian times, namely, the days of Finn and his companion knights, the Piasts, however, roamed the country, devouring men and women and cattle in large numbers, and some of the early heroes are recorded to have been swallowed alive by them and then to have hewed their way out of their entrails.

Joseph Dunn & P.J. Lennox, "The glories of Ireland".


Deb said...

It does look menacing ;-)

runnerfrog said...

And who knows what's behind the surface.

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