Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract Nº 16

"Look!" cried out Bull clamorously, "the balloon is coming down!"
There was no need to cry out to Syme, who had never taken his eyes off it. He saw the great luminous globe suddenly stagger in the sky, right itself, and then sink slowly behind the trees like a setting sun.
The man called Gogol, who had hardly spoken through all their weary travels, suddenly threw up his hands like a lost spirit.
"He is dead!" he cried. "And now I know he was my friend--my friend in the dark!"
"Dead!" snorted the Secretary. "You will not find him dead easily. If he has been tipped out of the car, we shall find him rolling as a colt rolls in a field, kicking his legs for fun."
"Clashing his hoofs," said the Professor. "The colts do, and so did Pan."
"Pan again!" said Dr. Bull irritably. "You seem to think Pan is everything."
"So he is," said the Professor, "in Greek. He means everything."
"Don't forget," said the Secretary, looking down, "that he also means Panic."

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, "The man who was Thursday".


Deb said...

Quite and interesting design.

runnerfrog said...

We're both crazy then.

exper said...

Been away for some time.
Come back and found a lot of new interesting stuffs.
Great work, Cristian! :)

runnerfrog said...

Hope I can improve them, I'm not satisfied with them.

V said...

like the design.Keep it up

Moflo said...

Do you read (or have you read) Khalil Gibran?

runnerfrog said...

@ Vikram (I thinks that's your name): Glad you like it. Thanks for your visit. I feel I can relate to your blog easily.

@ Megan: Never. Even though I have friends who adore his works.
You have my e-mail there :-D

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