Monday, July 28, 2008


The smells of coffee awaken me
after a night of dim dreams and wild love.
I listen to the busy boulevard
and the frogs of ripening spring.
I need something new to know.

change the peptides: “Don't Worry. Be happy.”

Jampa Dorje, "Pinwheels".


[-V-] said...

the pic was mesmerizing and on top of it you wrote such beautiful words
"I need something new to know."

loved the post!

runnerfrog said...

Well, thank you. The words are Jampa Dorje's.

Moflo said...

I love this image. I love the way the magical orange burst might be somewhat hidden to someone standing in the center, much like the "something new" we desperately want to know might seem hidden from us, but it's closer than we think.

Or I'm just crazy. :)

You have such a talent for pairing words with the images.

runnerfrog said...

Megs, I'm very glad you like it.

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