Sunday, July 20, 2008

3D Genetic Algorithms - Abstract Nº 29

Heart went to find Paramatma (God) and finished there and caught, and caught for sure. As you send a sculpture of salt in ocean to measure. Or say to this sculpture "Go and measure!" That, "How deep is the ocean?", "What is the depth?" So that sculpture can easily go but it will not come back. There is no difficulty to go but there is difficulty to come back. As it goes to the ocean it dissolves. Who will come back when the seeker experiences how/how much is Paramatma? How is it possible for the soul to listen or speak of Paramatma, if Paramatma has not been seen?

Swami Brahmananda Saraswati.


Moflo said...

"There is no difficulty to go, but there is difficulty to come back."

For some reason that part, with your image, makes absolutely perfect sense to me. I'm not sure I can articulate it correctly, though, so forgive me.

runnerfrog said...

I'm glad it was food for thought, or food for feeling for you.

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