Sunday, July 27, 2008

3D Genetic Algorithms - Brain Flowering

Pinky: And now, the parts of the brain, performed by The Brain!
Brain: Ye-e-s!

Brain: Neo-cortex, frontal lobe
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Hippocampus, neural node
Right hemisphere.

Brain: Pons and cortex visual
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Sylvian fissure, pineal
Left hemisphere.

Brain: Cerebellum left!
Cerebellum right!
Synapse, hypothalamus
Striatum, dendrite.

Brain: Axon fibers, matter gray
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Central tegmental pathway
Temporal lobe.

Brain: White core matter, forebrain, skull
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Central fissure, cord spinal

Brain: Pia mater!
Menengeal vein!
Medulla oblongata and lobe limbic
Pinky: Naaarf!

Brain: That ought to keep the little squirts happy. Ye-e-s!

"Brain Stem", as sung by Pinky and the Brain from Animaniacs.


Dzeni said...

That song made me laugh out loud! I wish we had it when I was doing Psych 101 and we had to learn the various bits of the brain. Fun, fun, fun. Your image looks a bit like brains - which is good :)

runnerfrog said...


Anonymous said...

P: what are we gonna do tonight Brain?
B: The same thing we do every night. take over ...the world.

runnerfrog said...

P: Naaarf!

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