Friday, December 18, 2009

2D Abstract #118

There was a man who lived a life of fire.
Even upon the fabric of time,
Where purple becomes orange
And orange purple,
This life glowed,
A dire red stain, indelible;
Yet when he was dead,
He saw that he had not lived.

Stephen Maria Crane, "There was a man who lived a life of fire".


Anonymous said...

Wonderful creation! We all keep looking, and when we die, we realise it wasn't the right thing.

Will Doohan said...

The sad fish on the left mourns the loss of the man of fire.

runnerfrog said...

I'm glad you like it, Kulpreet. And yeah, dying doesn't sounds like the right thing to do. ;-)

It's a fish, Will? I thought it was a bird, the Simurgh. Anyway, must be mourning something. Thanks for the visit like always.