Sunday, December 27, 2009

Move on up!

Move on up (as in the Curtis Mayfield song). Sporadic creative outbursts had temporarily moved over Scenawry and, eventually, Frogtal.

If you wanna see some movement here, must wait, or hit the links for now and see something different. Excuse that, if needed.

My abilities on digital art are limited (plus enclosed into math and heroically rejecting hand-made art), so regularly they need a refreshment of the code (if possible), of the concept (if any), or the vision. I'm on it, but also on enjoying the extreme heat and the summer, my favorite season. I can't hide the obvious: I'm putting less effort everyday, and everyday feeling more mediocre; but it's all my fault, because I dedicate less and less time to the part that gives name to this blog. I expect a slight change on February, or luck, or providence to throw a bone --the latter sounds realistic. However: plans are weak for this frog, so February is foggy too, as I'm froggy. If you were truly intelligent wouldn't trust my promises… that's something that I always frogget to mention to my girlfriends too. Sad.


P.S.: Have this one for now, 3D abstract #113. And may your start of the year be grand, while I look for any possible direction.


Anonymous said...

Why are those purple things stabbing those....nutsacks? :-D :-D

- jumping turtle

runnerfrog said...

Because they're warning you of your punishment, Will! :-)

Will Doohan said...

K - "But, I've done nothing wrong!"

Enjoy your hiatus from creativity. We all need to recharge our batteries sometimes.

Stargazer said...

Hoppy New Year to my favorite froggy!!

Tai said...

Use gloves when handling. Management will not be responsible for injuries.

Happy new year, Frog!


runnerfrog said...

@ Will: I lost the batteries under the couch, and
i'm too lazy to get them back.

@ Deb: Hoppy not-so-new year, dear Deb. The power of the frog commands you.

@ Tai: Management is only responsible for self-esteem injuries here. Hoppy not-so-new year.