Saturday, February 23, 2008

Abstract Nº41

Each human being has the eternal duty of transforming what is hard and brutal into a subtle and tender offering, what is crude into refinement, what is ugly into beauty, ignorance into knowledge, confrontation into collaboration, thereby rediscovering the child’s dream of a creative reality incessantly renewed by death, the servant of life, and by life the servant of love.

Yehudi Menuhin.


Deb said...

This is an intricate origami piece.

runnerfrog said...

Where were you when I needed to title this? :-)

tangerine said...

This reminds me of a birds eye view of a parachute. Perhaps there was another jumper above this one.

Christina said...

I thought first of a hot air balloon, but that or a parachute or whatever it could be I am in love with the shimmering green.

runnerfrog said...

Great to know you like it. So it's your shimmering green, C.

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