Friday, February 15, 2008

Hunted by a dreamed owl

Dreamed that a persistent owl chased me three nights ago; it was a blue one like in the Christina Rosetti's poem, but it wasn't a little one. I was a tiny mouse, and when I woke up, my mind digressed on mice because I'd like to have one, and from mice to rats, and that I am a water rat in the chinese zodiac, like my father, and that a week ago we entered the chinese year of the rat, and that this dream may have been a slight warning for the year?... After that I moved through the dark pipes of a new day ;-)

The Judge is like the Owl—
I've heard my Father tell—
And Owls do build in Oaks—
So here's an Amber Sill—

That slanted in my Path—
When going to the Barn—
And if it serve You for a House—
Itself is not in vain—

About the price —'tis small—
I only ask a Tune
At Midnight —Let the Owl select
His favorite Refrain.

Emily Dickinson, 699.

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