Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The edge of the waterfall

Like flying over the edge of a waterfall in the morning?

O Child beside the Waterfall
what songs without a word
rise from those waters like the call
only a heart has heard-
the Joy, the Joy in all things
rise whistling like a bird.

O Child beside the Waterfall
I hear them too, the brief
heavenly notes, the harp of dawn,
the nightingale on the leaf,
all, all dispel the darkness and
the silence of our grief.

O Child beside the Waterfall
I see you standing there
with waterdrops and fireflies
and hummingbirds in the air,
all singing praise of paradise,
paradise everywhere.

George Barker, "O Child beside the Waterfall"


Tai said...

This reminds me of my girlhood--the magical age of 17. That image looks like a watered-silk scarf I used to wear when I stood beside the waterfall.

runnerfrog said...

O Child beside the Waterfall, I see you standing there ;-)
Made you remember something! Don't forget to check if it is bloggable.
Send my regards to miss Whimsy.

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