Monday, February 18, 2008

Ceiling fan at night

There is such a heat these days that I forget what I'm doing middle way. During the night the ceiling fan drives down some waves of air, that doesn't prevents me from waking up sweating. I still like it that way and still resist the air conditioners. Also the character of a ceiling fan is fairly more poetic than a newer appliance. Everything older has it, as it has lived longer over the earth.
Last night I was in bed with the mind peaceful but wishing for a storm; woke up sweating later, and today I've seen birds under parked cars, looking for shadow.

Oppressive heat
My whirling mind
Listens to the peals of thunder.

Masaoka Shiki


Christina said...

Oh! Reminds me of something I have for you that keeps slipping my mind. too hungry now, so tomorrow maybe... stay cool, CII, join the birds if you must.

runnerfrog said...

How good that someone knows how I feel when I'm too hungry to go further, like right now.
It rained, magical C.! It rained! :-D
My regards to Mr. Flash.

Christina said...

God bless the rain, and you for staving off stomach growls long enough to inform me - I hope you got to stand out in it, for me at least, a second or two? It's been forever since warm rain and I get jealouser and jealouser.
Your something is in your inbox -
and Mr Flash's regards to you, if such things exist.

runnerfrog said...

Thank you for your gift miss C.
I had to show off the summer rain isn't? :-P And I walked under the rain for a while, indeed, for me it also works like a miracle cure for insomnia too, and for any other situation that needs soothing.

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