Thursday, February 21, 2008

Killing shot

Burma keeps suffering.  Now with the world eye looking away, they cowardly killed Padoh Mahn Sha.
Cowards they are, yes.
I didn't wanted to come back to the issue, but Than Shwe is such a filthy ruler, and Burmese people is so abandoned. All for the price of burma's rubies and sapphires... just a guess. Dictatorships always raise hidden behind ideologies, but just to steal money for a few and suffocate the masses, just for money, only money for a few at the price of blood.
I can do little, but if you'd live there, you surely couldn't even read this, the whole internet is filtered from the only two ISP's of the country.
However, from my experience, filters can be jumped over, like this:

Everyone's guide to by-passing Internet censorship. A civisec project, by the University of Toronto.

That's the most I can do with my immediate knowledge.
And now that Padoh Mahn Sha is killed, I wonder about the future luck of Aung San Suu Kyi.
I had ten years when the dictatorship in Argentina ended, driving us to a war in 1982 against nothing less that the UK, the US and the NATO (yes, argentinian military intelligence, ha), and at that age I had the stupid idea that that would be the last dictatorship and the last war I'd witness... innocent childhood.


I cry aloud with all my people's mouths,
our land is smitten by a plague of fear and lead,
our land is shadowed by the gallows tree
our land a common graveyard, huge with dead.

Who'll come to help? Right here, at present, now!
Because the patient's weak, has lost his hold.
But, like the call of birds, my shouting fades
in emptiness: the world is arrogant and cold.

The sighing of the old, the baby's cry —
do they all run to sand, illusion, fail?
Men, women groan like wounded deer
to those in power all this is just a fairy-tale.

Dark is the world's eye, its ear is deaf,
the powerful lost in madness or stupidity.
Compassion's only felt by those whom suffering breaks,
and sufferers alone have hearts like you and me

Marie Under, "Denunciation".


Deb said...

It is always amazing to me how humans are capable of such wonderful, selfless deeds, but equally capable of such heinous actions. Lust for money, power, and land make human history so bloody.

runnerfrog said...

You said it. It is amazing.

Heaven and hell, angels and demons right here, right now.

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